Season 2, Episode 1: Embracing Transition with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Embracing Transitions with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

About the Episode Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts joins author Tracee Stanley to discuss embracing transitions and how her practice has supported her journey through the ebbs and flow of life as a new mother and householder, and star Peloton teacher. About Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally-celebrated Peloton yoga teacher, and new mother. Highly…

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Episode 13: Pause, Rest, Be with Octavia Raheem

Octavia Raheem on the Radiant Rest Podcast

About the Episode Tracee is joined by teacher, author and rest expert Octavia Raheem. Octavia discusses illness caused by overworking and exhaustion, and finding guidance in that moment leading her to find balance between her devotion to teaching and a need to rest. She meditates on her prior inability to listen to what her body…

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Episode 12: Listening for Spirit with Elena Brower

Elena Brower on the Radiant Rest podcast.

About the Episode Artist, writer and yogi Elena Brower and Tracee Stanley invite you to join them for a candid and personal talk on the creative processes and connection to Spirit. They discuss Elena‚Äôs newest book Being You and her methods of writing and painting for the book. Elena and Tracee delve into the impacts…

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Episode 10: Finding Refuge with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Activist, author, teacher and healer Michelle Cassandra Johnson joins Tracee for a pertinent and poignant conversation on grief and healing.

About the Episode Activist, author, teacher and healer Michelle Cassandra Johnson joins Tracee for a pertinent and poignant conversation on grief and healing. Michelle discusses her upcoming book Finding Refuge: Heart Work for Healing Collective Grief and her definition of collective grief. Michelle and Tracee talk through the presence of exhaustion in activist spaces in…

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Episode 7: Self-Care Rituals with Indu Arora

Radiant Rest Podcast Interview with Indu Aurora

About the Episode In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, Tracee Stanley speaks with author and teacher Indu Arora. They speak to a range of experiences within yoga, including the role of true self-care as an act of responsibility, how comparison has no place in a yoga practice, and the importance of the motivations behind practicing yoga. Indu Arora…

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Episode 6: The Power of Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek

About the Episode In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, Tracee Stanley shares a conversation with author and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek. They broach topics of the power of lucid dreaming and portal yoga, stressing the importance of the truths revealed in our sleep states. Andrew and Tracee together discuss fear and how transitions are intrinsic to the…

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Episode 5: Rest – A Meticulous Love Practice with Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry

Radiant Rest Podcast Episode 5

About the Episode Radiant Rest Podcast host Tracee Stanley speaks with Tricia Hersey founder of The Nap Ministry. They discuss the origins of the organization and the practice of rest as resistance. Tricia discusses her work as a performance artist, writer, and activist. The conversation traverses rest as a portal to the wisdom of the ancestors, how to make space…

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Episode 4: Yoga Nidra as Oracle with Yoli Maya Yeh – Ancestors, Transitions and Sacred Dreaming

Yoli Maya Yeh

Tracee talks with Yoli about the journey of remembrance, matrilineal teachings and ending the cycle of karma. Yoli highlights the importance of the practices of yoga nidra and sacred dreaming in this space between worlds. Yoli shares the tools that she feels are needed to today including widening our vision with the lens of decolonization and shining a light into the shadow of duality.

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Episode 3: Moving into the Heart of Mastery with Lama Rod

Lama Rod Owens

About the Episode Tracee Stanley speaks with Lama Rod Owens. They talk about how meditation helps to move out of depression and discuss the importance of lineage and how culture, ancestors, and descendants inform lineage. They acknowledge heartbreak, anger, and rage and how to unlock them through experience. They speak of what it means to return to an…

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Episode 2: Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

Tracee Stanley speaks with bestselling author and teacher of lucid dreaming & shadow integration, Charlie Morely.

They talked about their shared love of Yoga Nidra, the power of the hypnogogic state, the potential for healing in the dream state, and practices to amplify and remember your dreams. If you have ever been curious about your dreams and how they can add a new dimension to your spiritual life, take a listen.

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