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Episode 13: Pause, Rest, Be with Octavia Raheem

Octavia Raheem on the Radiant Rest Podcast

Welcome to the Radiant REST Podcast your source for all things yoga nidra, rest, sleep, and dreams. I am your host, Tracee Stanley and I believe that the unique practice of Yoga Nidra offered to us by the ancient sages, is the healing salve for our times. I am excited to share my love of all practices that lead to deep rest and all of the treasures that come from being rested. My new book Radiant REST: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity is available now!

About the Episode

Tracee is joined by teacher, author and rest expert Octavia Raheem. Octavia discusses illness caused by overworking and exhaustion, and finding guidance in that moment leading her to find balance between her devotion to teaching and a need to rest. She meditates on her prior inability to listen to what her body and Spirit were trying to tell her. Octavia and Tracee discuss adapting their practices and community in the face of the pandemic and away from physical studio spaces. Octavia introduces her online community Starshine & Clay, an online space for Black women and women of color for meditation and yoga practices. Both Octavia and Tracee stress the importance of rest, and finding teachers who connect to alignment and grounding as essential to their practices. 

Episode Notes

Octavia Raheem has received national attention for her work training yoga teachers and diversifying the yoga and wellness industry. Trained and mentored by exemplary teachers, Octavia’s work as a yoga professional focuses on practical tools to teach individuals how to manage stress, anxiety, and fatigue through restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation in a way that is accessible to all levels/abilities, and restorative to the nervous system. Her work has been featured on Yoga Journal, Mantra Magazine, Well+ Good CNN, WXIA, and Atlanta Magazine. With 10+ years of teaching in the public and nonprofit sector and 14+ years teaching yoga Octavia brings unparalleled professionalism, mindfulness, and depth to the study and practice of yoga whether she is leading classes, retreats, or training teachers. Octavia is also the author of the book, Gather. In Gather she invites her readers into a quiet contemplative place of inquiry, reflection, and deeper self-love much like she does in her yoga classes, workshops, immersions, and retreats. You can find Octavia at her website or @octaviaraheem on Instagram. You can find her book Gather at Charis Books here. Octavia’s second book Pause Rest Be will be released in February 2022. Octavia generously shares wisdom from her new book and her inspirations around rest.

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The RADIANT REST podcast brings you spacious conversations with guests on all things yoga nidra, rest, sleep, and dreams.



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Tracee Stanley creates and holds sacred space to transform, inspire and empower, utilizing the practices of Yoga Nidra, Self-inquiry, Perfect Sankalpa, ritual, nature, and sacred movement.  She created the RADIANT REST to explore our birthright for deep rest and awakening to our true nature. Her book RADIANT REST: Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest and Awakened Clarity released by Shambhala Publications is available to order HERE.

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