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Season 2, Episode 1: Embracing Transition with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Embracing Transitions with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Welcome to the Radiant REST Podcast your source for all things yoga nidra, rest, sleep, and dreams. I am your host, Tracee Stanley and I believe that the unique practice of Yoga Nidra offered to us by the ancient sages, is the healing salve for our times. I am excited to share my love of all practices that lead to deep rest and all of the treasures that come from being rested. My new book Radiant REST: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity is available now!

About the Episode

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts joins author Tracee Stanley to discuss embracing transitions and how her practice has supported her journey through the ebbs and flow of life as a new mother and householder, and star Peloton teacher.

About Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally-celebrated Peloton yoga teacher, and new mother. Highly regarded as a leader in a new generation of yogis, she is passionate about making yoga and meditation accessible to everybody. Widely recognized for her work with yoga and teens, Chelsea founded Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in 2014, which later birthed her non-profit, Red Clay Yoga.  While she has been part of the Peloton family within their yoga modality for two years, Chelsea has honed her style of yoga that blends contemporary hip-hop, electronic, and R&B with asana for nearly two decades.  She has toured the world as global yoga ambassador for Lululemon, collaborated with brands such as the NIH, Starbucks, and the NFL, and also has graced the cover of Yoga Journal twice as well as Experience Life magazine. Through the Peloton platform and her prior experience, Chelsea’s celebrity supporters and clientele include Jennifer Garner, Shonda Rhimes, and Janelle Monáe and her infectious smile patient yet inspirational tone adds to her magic, a spell that deepens connections and calls her students and her 230K+ online community into action. Learn more about Chelsea at her website or on Instagram.

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The RADIANT REST podcast brings you spacious conversations with guests on all things yoga nidra, rest, sleep, and dreams.



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Tracee Stanley creates and holds sacred space to transform, inspire and empower, utilizing the practices of Yoga Nidra, Self-inquiry, Perfect Sankalpa, ritual, nature, and sacred movement.  She created the RADIANT REST to explore our birthright for deep rest and awakening to our true nature. Her book RADIANT REST: Yoga Nidra for Deep Rest and Awakened Clarity released by Shambhala Publications is available to order HERE.

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