Episode 6: The Power of Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek

About the Episode In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, Tracee Stanley shares a conversation with author and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek. They broach topics of the power of lucid dreaming and portal yoga, stressing the importance of the truths revealed in our sleep states. Andrew and Tracee together discuss fear and how transitions are intrinsic to the…

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Episode 4: Yoga Nidra as Oracle with Yoli Maya Yeh – Ancestors, Transitions and Sacred Dreaming

Yoli Maya Yeh

Tracee talks with Yoli about the journey of remembrance, matrilineal teachings and ending the cycle of karma. Yoli highlights the importance of the practices of yoga nidra and sacred dreaming in this space between worlds. Yoli shares the tools that she feels are needed to today including widening our vision with the lens of decolonization and shining a light into the shadow of duality.

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Episode 1: Restorative Yoga and Race-Based Trauma with Gail Parker, PhD

Radiant Rest Podcast

About the Episode In Episode 1 of the Radiant REST Podcast, Tracee Stanley speaks with psychologist and author Dr. Gail Parker about the benefits of quiet practices like Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra. She discusses Race-based trauma, offering solutions for both students and teachers of yoga to address this in both personal practice and yoga…

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